Season 1 Episode 2

Family Tree

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1992 on



  • Trivia

    • During the conversation between Duncan and Richie, about the candy store, Duncan asks "What part of town was this in?". When he asks this we can see a milk bottle in front of him with the top on. We see the bottle a few seconds later with the top off, although no-one has removed it.

    • When Richie and Duncan are having the conversation about the candy store, Richie goes to the fridge for a nearly full jug of juice. When he comes back to the table, he pours two small glasses. When we next see the jug, it is nearly empty, even though he didn't pour that amount of juice.

    • When Duncan first enters Mrs. Gustavson's bar, bright lights suddenly shine on her and Clinch as he opens the outside doors. The problem is, the doors are clear glass, not wood or anything that would block daylight in the first place.

  • Quotes

    • Joe: Hey, if this is about that guy last night, he was just on a roll.
      Mrs. Gustafson: Fifty thousand dollars of the house's money is more than a roll, Joe. It's a friggin' avalanche.

    • Duncan: Why remember that? What was so special about the candy store?
      Richie: One day, Mom...uh, Emily, was chatting with Mr. Stubbs, and suddenly she put her hand to her forehead and said something like "I feel funny", and then she just fell to the floor and didn't move. I thought she was playing a game, so I'm, like, pushing her and laughing, and then the ambulance came and, lots of people running around and they took her away. Mr. Stubbs picked me up in the air and says "Well lad, what're they going to do with you?" That's why I remember Mr Stubbs's candy store.

    • (coming back to life in front of his family)
      Duncan: It...It is a miracle!
      Ian MacLeod: No. It is the work of the demon master of the world below.
      Duncan: Father.
      Ian MacLeod: No! You're no bairn of mine! You're not my son! You're not my son!

    • Richie: You never found out who your real parents were?
      Duncan: No. But after a couple of hundred years...you get over it. One day so will you.

    • Duncan: You know, there's a proverb in Northern India. If you go hunting tigers, be sure you're prepared to find one.

    • Duncan: My father couldn't grasp what had happened.
      Richie: Who could? Man, he must have freaked. I mean, there you were all of a sudden on your feet again. A zombie in a kilt.

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