Season 1 Episode 5

Free Fall

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1992 on

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  • A female immortal (with apparent amnesia) steps upon MacLeod's and Tessa antique shop.

    A female immortal Felicia Martins is introduced for the first time in the series. She has apparent amnesis (or so she says). She commits suicide but survives (of course). Richie apparently falls for her but in no time we learn about her past. She was a killer and a vixen. It would seem that she's either playing everybody and really is ruthless or is suffering from amnesia.

    A decent episode, the actress who plays Felicia , Rockstar Joan Jett, does a great job of going through all the range of emotions to convince us that she can go both ways. She plays innocent at one point, guilty the next. A real loose cannon until MacLeod figures what's really gone. Overall a great episode. Not entirely predictable and well acted.
  • Joan Jett rocks!

    This is the best episode on the first season of Highlander. Joan Jett ( a female highlander of sorts) playing both Richie and Duncan, she is too cool. Her wardrobe could of been better, but when she becomes her true rock and roll self during the end = Hot Immortal Rock Chic!
    This episode also displays a cool flashback of Jett's character and how cool to have a female bad ass back in the day! Great sword fight on the beach and the rock and roll soundtrack gave this episode the right amount of edge. Plus good laughs with Jett's shoulder pads.