Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Unknown May 02, 1998 on

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  • This is one of best episodes ever written. The only down fall is no Adrian Paul. Joe and Methos are awsome in this episode.

    I put this in the top five episodes of the entire series. It shows friendship and how people come thru for each other in time of need. The only thing that could have made this episode better would be adding Adrian Paul or Amanda. It shows you what friendship really means. The comedy is one of the best episodes of the entire series. The chemistry here makes you wonder if they considered a spin off. The rest of the sixth season is basically horrible. Othe then this episode I wish season five would have ended the run. I still have not seen the final episodes and hope its good. I would rate other then this episode season 6 a bust.
  • Joe and Methos on a road trip... Supporting cast without the great hero make this the best Highlander episode ever.

    This episode is a great continuation to some of the themes already shown in the series with Methos' status as a Watcher and then solidifying the friendship between Joe and Methos.

    The very familiar Watcher in trouble and the bad Immortal being slightly campy and awfully evil -plotline wasn't exactly promising, but then we got protective Joe and there for the ride Methos and things got better.

    Driving across the country to find Amy and the revelations and the repartee was excellent. Two guys in a car. Nothing more. The base of all buddy movies, and it really worked here.

    Joe's reaction to a romance that wasn't and a family that couldn't be was very believable, and gave more depth to the character. Also strength; he's given up something enormous and lives with it.

    Methos' flashbacks were good, showing the repentant side of him even better than the Byron ep. They make him more intriguing than any other Immortal. Not that the timelines from a monster to the cynical yet somehow idealistic man are specially well thought, but the character is still interesting.

    The buddy movie thing followed by actual angst and Joe's decision to either save his daughter or remain a trustworthy friend to Methos was played well, without the usual big drama. Methos' comment about Caligula and Incitatus was hilarios and for once they didn't treat the audience as idiots who needed to be explained all things.

    The ending was nice, with the proper balance between a happyish ending and melancholy.

    Can't believe they made a show about a character and then one of the best episodes of the whole series didn't even have the main character in it. I have to wonder if they could have actually made a spinoff with Methos and Joe; it couldn't have done worse than Raven...