Season 4 Episode 4

Leader of the Pack

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1995 on
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While Duncan deals with an Immortal who uses hunting dogs to bring down his prey before striking the final blow, Richie deals with the street punk who killed Tessa.

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      • Duncan: Throughout history we see two human traits continually showing up, even though they're completely opposed. One is the need for destruction. The other is the urge to create beauty even in destruction. Even armor has a brutal beauty of its own.

      • Duncan: It is not sport to hunt a boy.
        Kanis: Men like us hunt what we wish.

      • Kanis: Tell me, MacLeod. What do you teach those children? Ethics? Loyalty to your own kind?
        Duncan: You're not my kind, Kanis. You murdered. You got what you deserved.
        Kanis: Oh, not yet. Not nearly. But I will.

      • Duncan: If you want me, why don't we just step off holy ground and forget the dogs?
        Kanis: What, just like that? MacLeod, where's the fun? The anticipation. Soon enough. You can't sense them coming. The first thing you'll feel will be their teeth as they tear you down, and as they rip out your throat. I'll be right behind them, MacLeod.

      • Richie: Whoa, whoa, did I miss something here? Mac's got some wacko with a pack of dogs coming after him, you're kicking back having a beer and peanuts?
        Joe: I'm a Watcher, okay? I'm watching.

      • Richie: You're not even going to go after him?
        Duncan: What do you want me to do, Richie? Do you want me to cut out his heart? Is that what you want?
        Richie: Yes, Mac, I do...you gotta do it.
        Duncan: Do I?
        Richie: You gotta do it for Tessa.

      • Richie: I had him in my hands. I just wanted to make it right. But I couldn't. Where's the justice in all this?
        Duncan: There is no justice. Just mercy.

      • Kennel owner: (talking about Kanis) I've seen his type before. He's just a guy with a pack of nasty males. You know what they say - the bigger the dog, the smaller the... dog.

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