Season 6 Episode 13

Not To Be (2)

Aired Unknown May 16, 1998 on

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  • Pretty good.

    Well, if you ignore the fact that the writers apparently decided to forego writing an original story in favor of copying the plot directly from "It's a Wonderful Life," this episode... really wasn't that bad.

    In fact, as far as series finales go, it was really quite good. Let's see:

    - It included all of the major characters from the series. Not only that, but it gave those characters meaningful parts and real closure, not just lip service. I'm especially thinking of Tessa, here.

    - It had closure for Duncan.

    - It had a really good fight and Quickening.

    - It had a very good montage at the end. The montage was well-edited, it covered all of the important people and plots over the years without taking too much time, and it actually fit with the overall style of Highlander. I especially liked the fact that it came full circle in the end - this is what Highlander is all about.
  • A great episode to end with but I wish it had not ended.

    Since Adrian Paul was apparently determined to abandon Highlander for his "movie" career (which has not materialized ala Shelly Long), the plan for Season 6 did not happen. Although much of the season is taken with pilot ideas for the Highlander:Raven spinoff, they finally got back to the basics with the final 2 part episode. This one had all the great acting and writing I loved from the Highlander episodes.

    Roger Daltrey (who was born to play Fitz) was back and in fine form. He and Adrian Paul just really clicked when together and it was easy to see their characters as good friends. Seeing Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan) back again was a treat since his character was doing well before they killed him off. Best of all was seeing Amanda as a man-killer with no regrets and seeing Methos without the moral anchor that Duncan provided. Peter Wingfield is just so good as Methos and I wish they had spun him off into another character. He can convey the role of a person over 5000 years old while still seeming like just another person. Showing that without Duncan's influence, Methos would have fallen back in with the Horsemen and showing how dark he could be was really good and Peter W. played it just right.

    I am a fan of Joe Dawson and the actor who plays him (and admire the actor for overcoming the loss of his legs) but he is just played as silly most of the episode. Having the Hunters (rogue Watchers) go on their killing spree unchecked was a good plot point but the way they had Joe looking was just too odd. His wig was awful and it looked like he had taken an auditorium chair and stuck wheels on it to make a wheelchair. They should have let him get killed in a great way or something but I felt they really let that character down.

    Watching the season on DVD, and knowing more about the course of the season from the commentary, I got an insight I did not have when I saw it originally. I was able to follow the arc that McLeod wanted to be less aggressive and try to work things out peacefully since he felt like he was causing people to die. In that light, this episode capped it off by showing that he finally realized how he was making a difference, a positive difference, and that sometimes you have to fight to preserve that. Some people may die but they may also have lived much better than if you had not intervened.

    Really just made me keep thinking that I wish they had continued the series and Adrian Paul would have been happy to remain in a role he was great at (and now is having to come back to since nothing else worked). I liked Highlander:Endgame and I hope Highlander:The Source will be as good as the series was.