Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1994 on
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David Keogh, an old friend of Duncan's, has a history of fixating on attractive mortal women...and his newest obsession comes to Duncan for help.

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  • Duncan tries to intervene in a domestic violence situation. The results are unfortunate.

    This is an unusually deep Highlander episode. Strong performances all around, a bad guy who can almost be empathized with, only one death and no fireworks, and in the end the good guys are sadder and only a little wiser.

    An Immortal friend of Duncan's (David) is obsessed with a mortal woman (Jill). They were lovers until he confessed his Immortality to her, but she couldn't accept it and doesn't want him now. He won't leave her alone and uses violence on anyone he sees as standing between them.

    Jill comes to Duncan for help. Duncan takes on his usual role of defender of the weak, but there is little he can do. He doesn't want to kill David because he doesn't see David as evil, only distraught, and he doesn't have any other sanction he can impose short of killing. Besides which, Duncan has a similar obsession in his own past. So Duncan keeps searching for the magic words that will make David see reason. Of course there are no such words.

    Into the middle of all this strides Dr. Anne Lindsey, Duncan's new lover who is unaware of his Immortality. Anne wants to call the police. Neither Duncan nor Jill will do this, to her immense frustration.

    Eventually it all ends in tears. David kills Jill, in an act somewhere between accident and manslaughter. Duncan fights David but cannot kill him. Duncan mourns both the dead woman and his lost friend, and Anne forgives Duncan for his role in the whole sorry affair, which she still only partially understands.moreless
Cameron Bancroft

Cameron Bancroft

David Keogh

Guest Star

Nancy Sorel

Nancy Sorel

Jill Pelentay

Guest Star

Sherry Miller

Sherry Miller

Sarah Carter

Guest Star

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    • Anne: I hope you saved me some hot water.
      Duncan: Well, I did offer to share, didn't I?

    • Duncan: I never thought I'd feel this way again.
      Sarah: And how do you feel?
      Duncan: Like I'm alive. Like I'm not alone.
      Sarah: You're not alone, Duncan.

    • Duncan: There are things about me you have to know...
      Sarah: Duncan, I don't have to know. There is no past. We didn't exist until now.
      Duncan: What about our future? What about tomorrow?
      Sarah: No, not tomorrow. No future, no past. I know everything I need to know, right here, right now.

    • Duncan: (voiceover) Work through the anger. Work through the pain. I thought you were gone. A hundred years of forgetting and it all comes back. Why is it I can still taste you? David knows the thoughts, the pain, the obsession. I'm letting go. He has to.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Duncan's kata scene at the end is recycled footage from the second season episode "Turnabout," with a new voiceover by Adrian Paul. The reason for this was that the episode was short by a few minutes.