Season 2 Episode 18

Pharaoh's Daughter

Aired Unknown Apr 30, 1994 on



  • Trivia

    • The Egyptian mummification process took over 40 days and involved removing all of the internal organs. It would be physically impossible to do that to an Immortal before they revived.

    • When Constantine and MacLeod are talking to each other, and Constantine says "I hated Darius for what he took from me." Nefertiri appears and says "So you do know what it's like." Both of them seem suprised she was there. They both should have sensed her approaching.

    • What exactly kept Nefertiri prisoner in her sarcophagus for 2000 years? Whatever it was must have kept her unconscious because she would have gone insane over time.

    • Nefertiri pops out of her sarcophagus and...speaks near-perfect, idiomatic 20th century English.

  • Quotes

    • Nefertiri: So, if I understand this correctly, when the Roman Empire fell...
      Duncan: In 476, give or take a few years.
      Nefertiri: Ahh. Mankind went backwards.
      Duncan: Into the Dark Ages. Then, came the Crusades. There were seven or eight of them between 1096 and 1270. A bunch of noblemen decided it was a good idea to rape and plunder their way to Jerusalem.
      Nefertiri: And were you one of them?
      Duncan: Before my time.

    • Nefertiri: How long has it been?
      Duncan: About 2,000 years.
      Nefertiri: Everything I knew is gone. My home, my world, my queen.
      Duncan: Cleopatra?
      Nefertiri: I was her handmaiden. And a friend. I was sworn to serve and protect her. I failed.
      Duncan: Well, Rome's a lot to take on. Even for us Immortals.

    • Maurice: Do you think you would ever be interested in an older man?
      Nefertiri: I would not know, I have never met one.

    • Constantine: What would Darius have said to you now?
      Duncan: I don't know.
      Constantine: I'll tell you--that you mustn't blame yourself. She made it war and you fought with a warrior's instinct, that life always chooses life. That's what he would have said.

    • Nefertiti: That was terrifying!
      Duncan: Well, Paris traffic takes some getting used to.

    • (upon seeing a car for the first time)
      Nefertiri: What is that??
      Duncan: It's a kind of a chariot.
      Nefertiri: Where are the horses?
      Duncan: They're in there. They're real tiny.

    • Nefertiri: I am glad that I have you for a friend. (she goes in to kiss Duncan, he stops her) Why not?
      Duncan: Because you don't buy loyalty with sex.
      Nefertiri: Cleopatra believed that the joys of the flesh could raise a man to godhood.
      Duncan: This isn't Ancient Egypt. It's Paris, and I'm not Mark Anthony or Caesar.
      Nefertiri: I am not asking you to die for me.
      Duncan: Yet.

    • Duncan: Nefertiri, you don't give, you just trade.

    • Marcus: The biggest farce in the making of man's history is the notion that wars are fought to save civilization. I used to make history. Now I try to make sure it survives. I'm an historian, a curator.

  • Notes

    • Diane Bellogo, who plays the part of Angela Constantine, later appears as Justina Veil's adopted daughter in the episode "Justice". Both roles involve her character getting murdered.

    • Parental advisory: the opening to this episode features a brief bit of nudity by Nia Peeples or her body double.

    • Apparently there was a deliberate intent to make Constantine a kind of substitute Darius for Duncan and other Immortals. The character didn't catch on, however.

    • Catherine Zeta Jones was first approached for the role of Nefertiri but was passed over when her agency asked for more money than the producers were willing to pay.

    • Flashback: Egypt, 30 B.C.

  • Allusions

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