Season 4 Episode 15


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MacLeod finds himself on the horns of a dilemma when an Immortal asks the Highlander to kill the tyrannical ruler of a Middle Eastern country, to fulfill a promise that MacLeod had made over 200 years ago. Now Duncan must choose between honor and dishonor, with the life of Rachel MacLeod at risk.moreless

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    Kristin Minter

    Kristin Minter

    Rachel MacLeod

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    Ricco Ross

    Ricco Ross


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    Ben Feitelson

    Ben Feitelson

    Nasir Al Deneb

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      • Duncan: Rachel, we've been here two weeks, and you haven't asked me about me.
        Rachel: I know everything I want to know, and I've learned not to question magic.
        Duncan: Yeah, I'm not magic.
        Rachel: No. You're Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, a legend from my childhood, a man who lived four hundred years ago, and here you are.
        Duncan: There's an explanation.
        Rachel: Time travel? Reincarnation? You're a fallen angel?
        Duncan: That's it!
        Rachel: You don't have to tell me. Let's just be together for a while. No explanations, okay?

      • Kassim: It's good to see you alive.
        Duncan: It's good to be alive.

      • Rachel: An embassy ball?
        Duncan: I didn't know how to refuse.
        Rachel: Especially after you just saved the President's life. This kind of thing happen to you a lot?
        Duncan: Every day.

      • Hamad: Al Deneb is one of our more liberal ministers. He is in charge of the people's education. They love him as much as they hate me, do they not, Nasir? He sends their children to school. I send them to war. I think perhaps that I would rather have his job.
        Nasir Al Deneb: We can exchange jobs any time you wish, Mr President.
        Hamad: For that you would have to kill me, and you are far too moral for that.

      • Duncan: Murder your president? You can't be serious.
        Kassim: You've met the man, MacLeod. He's a tyrant.
        Duncan: Murder's not the answer.
        Kassim: It is the only answer.

      • Boadin Al Deneb: Stay, stay. I would leave this world with a friend in my sight. You will survive all this.
        Kassim: Not without my lord.
        Boadin Al Deneb: I'm dying, but I'm not blind. You are not made as other men. Your wounds become whole. No, I have seen it. Allah watches over you, Kassim. He has given you many lives.
        Kassim: All of them in your service.
        Boadin Al Deneb: You will watch over my family. Someday one of my house will rule again. Swear it.
        Kassim: If it takes a thousand years, the house of Al Deneb will arise again.

      • Duncan: You know, when I was young, I fought in so many wars, and I met a man who'd given up killing. He didn't care who was right and who was wrong. He saw that life was more precious than principles.
        Rachel: And you think he was right.
        Duncan: I think there are some things worth living for and dying for, and some things worth killing for if you have to.
        Rachel: But not tonight.
        Duncan: No, not tonight.
        Rachel: Then your friend would be proud.
        Duncan: I wish I knew. I wish he was here.

      • Duncan: I made a promise to someone. Something that I couldn't keep.
        Rachel: I'm sure you had good reason.
        Duncan: Yeah, but is that enough? Sometimes I think that a man of honor does what he swears and says to hell with the consequences.
        Rachel: I think a man of honor lives with whatever he does.

      • Rachel: I have to go where I'm needed--back to Glenfinnan. I don't know what you are, but I know you don't need a wee woman at home to protect.
        Duncan: I don't think anybody can call you a wee woman, especially someone who wants to keep their teeth.

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