Season 1 Episode 10

Revenge is Sweet

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 1992 on

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  • A mortal woman wants revenge because Duncan killed her lover. Except Duncan didn't - the lover was an Immortal who faked his own death and is now pulling strings from backstage.

    This episode is skippable. The premise is interesting but the plot has some big logical holes in it.

    There is some good character development: Richie tries his hand at selling used cars but discovers that he is too honest for it. Tessa is drawn further into the Game and doesn't like it, but she lies to the police like a trooper and tries to get Duncan to think with his brain instead of his genitalia. Duncan doesn't like killing mortals and he doesn't like killing women, so having a mortal woman wanting to kill him gives him some serious self-inflicted moral pain.

    Vanity is a much better rock star than actor. Her portrayal of Rebecca, the woman wronged, is shallow and unconvincing.

    The bad guy is one-dimensional and not well worked out. How Duncan knows that Rebecca is only a pawn is never explained - he just seems to *want* to believe she is not evil, and luckily he is proven right. Rebecca gives up her grudge surprising quickly. The swordplay is even worse than usual.

    All in all, if you are committed to watching the whole series, all 120 episodes, then watch this one. If you are only watching the best episodes, or even the better than average, then skip this one.
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