Season 2 Episode 8

Revenge of the Sword

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 1993 on



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    • Lao: You are always seeking answers, MacLeod.
      Duncan: Well, the truth doesn't always jump up into your arms. Sometimes you have to sneak up and ambush it.
      Lao: Always the hunter. Most men who know what you know would be satisfied.
      Duncan: Yes, but knowing what you don't know is almost as important as knowing what you do know.
      Lao: Ah, but knowing what you do know allows you to answer the questions to what you do not know.
      Duncan: That's not in the teachings.
      Lao: No. I made it up.

    • Lao: Oh, I grow old, MacLeod. It is well you came when you did.
      Duncan: Oh, come on, Lao, there are carp in that pond that are twice your age.
      Lao: Yes, and maybe closer to the Godhead. It is only a feeling. We may not walk together again.
      Duncan: That would be a great loss for me.
      Lao: Why? Only my body will leave. And who can say? Maybe I will return some day as one of these carp.
      Duncan: Be well, Grandfather Lao.
      Lao: Oh, MacLeod, maybe you shouldn't eat any fish. Just in case.

    • Johnny: Tradition is like blood. It binds us together and makes us what we are.

    • Duncan: The main difference between a wise man and a fool, is that a fool's mistakes never teach him anything.

    • Johnny: Anyone can make a mistake, don't you agree?
      Duncan: That's why they put erasers on pencils.

    • Lao: Duncan MacLeod.
      Duncan: How did you know it was me?
      Lao: They say that every soul has its aura. Yours is very strong. Besides, I saw your car drive up.

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