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  • This is one of the greatest sci-fi television shows of all-time bar none. Christopher Lambert played an impressive Highlander in the movies, but I truly feel that Adrian Paul was born to play this role.

    The show took a little time to mature and find itself during the first season, but I think really found its identity during the latter half of the second season. The show hit its prime during seasons 3-5, but peaked/jumped the shark in the season 5 finale. Season 6 was the final season, and it was disgustingly awful. Pitiful would be an understatement. Reason being, is that the season was shortened from 22 episodes to 13. That was ok, but there were several episodes that really didn't even star Duncan MacLeod (the main character) in them at all! The producers were using the final season episodes as auditions for a female Highlander spin-off. So, the episodes would feature Duncan for about 3 minutes, and would spend the other 49 minutes on one episode story arcs involving random female leads. The worst part of it all, is that after butchering the final season of what was an amazing Sci-Fi series... they didn't even cast any of those female actors to play in the spin-off. They used a recurring character that had been on the show since the first season! So, basically, they butchered the last season of Highlander in the end for nothing. There were 3 or 4 good episodes in season 6... the rest sucked big time! I HIGHLY recommend picking up this series, and watching it through season 5. You might as well just ignore season 6, and pretend it never existed. Season 1 - good, Season 2 - getting better, Seasons 3-5 - awesome, Season 6 - A worse hatchet job than Sliders final season