Season 1 Episode 3

Road Not Taken

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1992 on
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Richie's friend dies of an overdose of a herbal drug and MacLeod suspects the source of the drug is another Immortal, Kiem Sun. Sun has has long sought to perfect such a drug and remove its lethal side effects for the betterment of mankind. But a disciple of Kiem Sun's is using the drug for his own gain, and MacLeod and Sun must track him down. When it becomes clear that Kiem Sun plans to continue his experiments despite the dangers, MacLeod destroys the remaining sample of the drug.moreless

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  • MacLeod thinks an old friend of his who is immortal is still conducting drug experiments.

    A great episode, this one really does move pretty quickly which made it even more enjoyable. A botched bank robbery which causes cerebral hemorrage to the robber has MacLeod thinking his old friend Kiem Sum is doing drug experiments

    The sword fights in this episode were awesome and entertaining. Adrian Paul has decent lines in the episodes including the ones about Immortals being both evil and good.

    Dustin Nygun from 21 Jump Street has an ok role here but the bigger picture was MacLeod standing up to an old mentor of sorts.

    On the Special Features of Season One DVD, Panzer mentions how Paul did all his stunts in this episode which was pretty impressive.

    Really great episode.moreless
  • Macleod finds out that an old friend is still trying to make a potion that will make mortals stronger, better, more loyal fighters, However his failed potions are causing people their lives. Macleod must deal with his loyalty vs. moral issuesmoreless

    This is what the second episode should have been. Good story, good acting, 2 21 Jump street characters in 2 episodes. This episode definitely shows how deep Macleod's loyalty runs. It also show s that even though his is immortal how rooted his morals are. Adrian paul's and Dustin Ngueyn' martial arts were excellent.

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    • Kiem Sun: I needed time alone.
      MacLeod: Well, you've had one hundred years since we last saw each other.
      Kiem Sun: And I have used them well. Nature is like a woman, MacLeod. If she is wise, she does not give up her mysteries quickly. Imagine, if Galileo or da Vinci had been of our kind, what wonders they could have coaxed from her.

    • Richie: Well, I'm working in this antique store up in the heights.
      Angie: Ooooh.
      Richie: Yeah, I know, it's pretty cool. There's this couple. She's drop dead gorgeous, and it's her store. He's.... let's just say he's on the cutting edge of the antique world.

    • Kiem Sun: The world is within my grasp.
      Duncan: You know, it is a shame you did not find a potion for humility.

    • Angie: Hey. Any damage?
      Richie: I don't think so. This mother tried major dental work on me without Novocaine. I may sue.

    • (Duncan and Tessa interrupt Richie and Angie)
      Duncan: Sorry we didn't knock but I thought this was our bedroom.

    • Tessa: I'll only be gone for a few days. You'll do fine without me.
      Duncan: Yeah, well, I already have my little black book out.
      Tessa: I've seen it. It's three hundred years out of date.

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    • Road Not Taken
      The episode title comes from a Robert Frost poem, The Road Not Taken: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--I took the road less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.