Season 2 Episode 9

Run for Your Life

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 1993 on
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Duncan comes to the aid of an Immortal, a former slave, who is being stalked by the Hunters.

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  • Duncan runs into an immortal that he knew long ago when the immortal was running from some racist Southerners. But now racism through the decades has turned this immortal very bitter. And another rengade watcher thats a cop aimed at killing immortals mamoreless

    My biggesst problem with this season is they introduce the Watchers at the beginning of the season. For HUNDREDS of years they havent said a word or done anything to bring notice to themselves. Now in a matter of weeks or months this is the 3rd watcher that is hunting down immortals. I\'m just not buying it that all of the sudden these guy now have a vendetta for the immortals. I bbelieve they just shouldve written in that the immortals knew about this group of watcher and there has always been good/bad run ins between them.

    The episode itself was extermely good. I always thought if a black man was immortal it wouldn\'t be as pleasant as Macleod had it. He would go from slavery to segregation to civili rights movememnt. Thats a lot to live through. And would definitely have the right to be very bitter. Phil Akins over acting with emotions just kills me though. Calm downmoreless

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    • Carl: DeSalvo, now what kinda name is that for a black man?
      Charlie: It's a name for somebody who's half-black and half-Italian, man.
      Carl: Oh, I got that. So which half are you?
      Charlie: Well, I'm both.
      Carl: Guess it depends on who you're talking to, huh?
      Charlie: Hey, you wanna talk about it, man? Hey, I've been talkin' about it all my life.
      Carl: Must be hard being a white man in a black man's body.

    • Duncan: You know, you've got a major attitude problem? Is there anybody you don't get on the wrong side of?
      Carl: Hey, I'm just a product of the times, my man.
      Duncan: You're gonna change the world by ripping off whatever you need?
      Carl: Hey, look, MacLeod, deep down inside, everybody is a racist.
      Duncan: No, not everybody's a racist, Carl. Not everybody hates. You want things to change, well, then lead people.
      Carl: Don't you dare lecture me on how things can be. I stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago, man.
      Duncan: There's something else you stopped believing in, too-–yourself.

    • Carl: When they first integrated public schools, I really believed. I went to college, even ran for public office. So sure things were gonna be different. All an illusion.
      Duncan: What do you mean, an illusion? One hundred and thirty years ago, Carl, you were still a slave. Things have changed.
      Carl: Yeah, King's dead, Malcolm's dead, and Bobby's selling BBQ sauce.

    • Duncan: (to Carl) You still don't get it, do you? You are an Immortal. You have something other people will never have--time and the ability to make a difference. No, listen to me, man, listen to me! You can do whatever you want, be whoever you want. You can live your dream. Most people grow old and die before they can do that. If you want to live the rest of your life like a thief, then go ahead.

    • Duncan: He grows on you, Charlie.
      Charlie: So does cancer.

    • Carl: I don't care if he's a damned cop, it'll be self-defense, man!
      Duncan: Yeah, and what are you gonna tell 'em? That you're an Immortal and he's a member of a secret organisation and they're trying to kill you?

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