Highlander - Season 3

(ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • Finale (2)
    Episode 22
    Kalas gets hold of the Watcher database and threatens to make it public...unless Duncan sacrifices himself.
  • Finale (1)
    Episode 21
    While Kalas continues his campaign of terror after escaping prison, one of his victim's wives plans to reveal the secret of the Immortals' existence to the world.
  • Reasonable Doubt
    Episode 20
    Duncan must help Maurice's niece Simone, who has fallen under the sway of a young Immortal with a shady past and an uncertain future.
  • Mortal Sins
    Episode 19
    Duncan meets an old mortal friend from the days of the French Resistance, who harbors a dark and dangerous secret. Meanwhile, Anne must deal with the knowledge of her pregnancy by someone other than MacLeod.
  • Testimony
    Episode 18
    MacLeod decides to tell Anne the truth about his Immortality and she flies to Paris to be with him. En route, Anne helps save the life of a young woman, Tasha, who turns out to be smuggling drugs for the Russian Mafia. Tasha is the lover of Kristov, the head of the Russian gang and formerly the leader of the band of Cossacks MacLeod encountered on his way to the Orient in 1750. Concerned about Tasha, Anne tries to convince her to testify against Kristov, while Kristov is determined to make sure Tasha dies before she can testify. Richie is kidnapped by Kristov as a pawn in this game. MacLeod must choose between taking down Kristov or saving Richie and Richie finds he must grow as an Immortal -- or die.moreless
  • Take Back the Night
    Episode 17
    Ceirdwyn, an Immortal Celtic warrior, extracts bloody revenge on the gang who killed her mortal husband, but Duncan must try to persuade her that violence isn't the way.
  • Methos
    Episode 16
    When two Watchers end up dead by Kalas' hand, Joe realizes that Kalas is looking for Methos, the mythical "oldest Immortal." MacLeod knows that, with Methos' quickening, Kalas would finally be strong enough to defeat him. Kalas and MacLeod race to be the first to find Methos. Meanwhile, Richie muscles his way onto a top level motorcycle racing team and the champion, Basil, starts to get nervous.moreless
  • Star-Crossed
    Episode 15
    In Paris, MacLeod meets up with Hugh Fitzcairn, but Kalas has followed his nemesis and soon frames Fitzcairn as part of his campaign against Duncan.
  • 2/25/95
    Brother Paul, an old Immortal friend of Duncan's, disappears under mysterious circumstances, and Anne and Joe are framed for crimes. MacLeod suspects an old enemy, Kalas, is responsible.
  • Blind Faith
    Episode 13
    Duncan is skeptical of Kirin, an Immortal who is operating as a religious leader, knowing the man has massacred hundreds in the past.
  • They Also Serve
    Episode 12
    Recent Immortal Michael Christian has been on an incredible string of luck, taking a number of heads from unarmed and vulnerable opponents, including May-Ling Shen, who taught MacLeod the martial arts in 1780's Mongolia. Christian's Watcher, Rita Luce, has been doing more than just watching, supplying Christian with classified information on the other Immortals and their weaknesses. MacLeod, unaware of Christian, goes on a vision quest to his cabin on Holy Ground -- deliberately leaving his sword behind. The race is on for Joe Dawson to figure out Rita's secret before Christian sets his sights on MacLeod.moreless
  • Vendetta
    Episode 11
    To save his own hide, petty hoodlum Benny Carbassa, the Nathan Detroit of Immortality, turns MacLeod over to an aging gangster determined to see MacLeod dead before he dies. In the midst of this, Anne returns, having convinced herself that MacLeod will open up in his own time and determined not to push him too hard. In flashback, we see MacLeod's first meeting with Benny, in 1938 at the Coconut Lounge, a club operated by two young brothers who are rivals for the same torch singer.moreless
  • Blackmail
    Episode 10
    A mortal lawyer catches Duncan on videotape fighting another Immortal, and tries to blackmail Duncan into killing his wife for him.
  • Shadows
    Episode 9
    Duncan is confronted by a grim specter that torments him with vision of beheading, and must turn to an old friend for help.
  • Obsession
    Episode 8
    David Keogh, an old friend of Duncan's, has a history of fixating on attractive mortal women...and his newest obsession comes to Duncan for help.
  • The Lamb
    Episode 7
    MacLeod and Richie become the protectors for Kenny, a child Immortal who is eternally trapped in a 10-year old body. But Kenny is more then he seems...
  • Courage
    Episode 6
    Cullen, a burned-out Immortal and master swordsman, uses drugs to maintain his "courage," but in his berserker rage he goes after Richie and only Duncan stop him.
  • Rite of Passage
    Episode 5
    Duncan takes on the duty of training a fledgling Immortal, Michelle Webster, but she falls under the sway of an Immortal who plans to use her as bait in his trap.
  • 10/22/94
    Joe's girlfriend is killed by an Immortal seeking an ancient golden cross, which Duncan swore to protect centuries earlier.
  • The Revolutionary
    Episode 3
    Ducnan's attempts to deal with an Immortal who deals in bloody revolutions is hindered by Charlie's joining his cause.
  • Line of Fire
    Episode 2
    Richie must deal with the impossible revelation that he is a father, while Duncan must deal with the Immortal who killed his wife and foster son in the past.
  • The Samurai
    Episode 1
    Duncan must help the descendent of his old Japanese mentor, the man who gave him his katana.