Season 1 Episode 11

See No Evil

Aired Unknown Dec 19, 1992 on
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When a serial killer preys on beautiful blonde women, Duncan becomes involved when Tessa's friend is targeted...and recognizes the pattern as that of an Immortal he killed 80 years ago.

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  • Once again Duncan (and Richie) charge in to write wrongs and smite evildoers. But this time Tessa does some smiting of her own, and finds it isn't like she expected.

    This episode is quite skippable. The villain is one-dimensional even by Highlander standards, and Duncan's ability to think along with him is far-fetched and succeeds by incredible luck.

    The only interesting point is that two women who usually watch from the sidelines are drawn into the action. Both are blond and the goal is to stop a serial killer of blond women, so they are motivated by identification with the victims.

    Randi McFarland, the annoying TV reporter, is drawn into manipulating the police and filing a false news story to set the villain up. This is highly out of character for her and professionally crazy - for once she does good instead of merely reporting it.

    Tessa Noel has an even stronger motivation - one victim is a college friend of hers. In all other episodes Tessa plays comic relief, love interest, and/or damsel in distress. Here she puts herself at risk and does violence herself. She is not at all prepared for the emotional aftermath. In this she is much more normal than the other characters, or perhaps just much less hardened.moreless

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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Randi: What the hell are you, MacLeod?
      Duncan: Is this a fishing expedition, or did you come here for a reason?

    • Richie: The Indian! (runs over to the motorcycle)
      Tessa: Richie, what're you doing? Get in the car!
      Richie: This son of a bitch isn't going to be riding off into the sunset this time.

    • Natalie: He's still alive.
      Tessa: He won't be hurting anyone anymore.
      Natalie: You did it, you stopped him. I just wish it had been me behind the wheel of that car.

    • Tessa: You'll like Natalie.
      Duncan: I like her already. Stylish, Tasteful, a certain underplayed elegance. Anyone can see she has a great foundation.
      Tessa: You are talking about the stadium?
      Duncan: Oh! Of course.

    • Randi: Tell me something you didn't tell him.
      Duncan: I told him everything.
      Randi: You never tell anybody everything.

    • (about Duncan)
      Randi: Surprise, surprise! A weird murder attempt and you're right here in the middle of it.

    • Randi: What are you? Federal, State, Special Task Force? Are you working undercover, MacLeod? Is that it?
      Duncan: If I was, I wouldn't be talking to you, would I?

    • (about smoking)
      Duncan: You shouldn't do that, you'll live longer.
      Randi: Who wants to live forever?

    • Marcus: She betrayed me, Duncan. I gave her the whole world. She told them what I was and they burned me for a witch!
      Duncan: You killed Lenora 300 years ago!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Duncan: Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it.
      This is a common mis-quote of a very famous line by an American/Spanish poet and philosopher called George Santayana. The actual quote is "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."