Season 4 Episode 13

Something Wicked

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1996 on
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A native American Immortal, Coltec, is a shaman who has fought many evil Immortals, absorbing their corrupted Quickenings. But the evil begins to overwhelm him and his friend Duncan mut defeat him... without becoming evil himself.

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  • Part one of a great two-part episode.

    MacLeod’s Immortal friend Jim Coltec a Native American Hayoka is coming to visit him, but before he can get there he faces an Immortal that changes him from good to evil. Mac tries to find a way to change him back but when he ends up stopping him MacLeod ends up turning evil himself can anyone find a way to save Duncan from this dark quickening? This episode had a very different feel. The use of the negative exposures and shadow outlines of the Immortal with the dark quickening was done very well. This showed how the character had been changed by it. While it was hinted upon back in season one when Darius was introduced, this it the first episode that shows how a quickening can change an Immortal for better or worse. Watching this episode again I have to wonder if Richie’s lines during the fight with MacLeod were meant to be an illusion to his ultimate demise at the end of season five. This episode was well done; the conclusion, Deliverance, is even better.moreless

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    • Duncan: Richie, I've lived for four hundred years. I've never seen a werewolf, an elf, or a vampire. Mind you, I did hear that there was a troll that lived underneath the bridge around here somewhere.
      Richie: Oh, very funny. But you believe in Coltec. You believe that he can do real magic.
      Duncan: I believe that there are some things that defy any logical explanation, yes. I also believe there is power in faith and will.

    • Duncan: All they know is how to take and destroy–-the land, the forest, the women and children. It never stops. Never.
      Coltec: It can stop for you.
      Duncan: It will, once the man whose responsible for my family's slaughter is dead.
      Coltec: Listen to me. Your hate is not destroying him. But it is destroying you.
      Duncan: And who are you to know?
      Coltec: I am Heyoka. It is my job to take the hatred from the world. I've been doing it for centuries, taking evil into myself so others may have peace. It is why I exist. You are not evil. But you are overcome by hate, and in your pain, you are blind. I can help you. I can take the hate, stop the pain.
      Duncan: Maybe I don't want help. Maybe I need to hate.
      Coltec: No. It is not your nature.

    • Duncan: Where are we?
      Coltec: A holy place. A place of peace and safety. My refuge.
      Duncan: But this isn't real, this is a dream.
      Coltec: This place is real. Perhaps we are a dream. A soul can only hold so much hate, so much anger. You are like this cup. One more drop and the hate will own you. I can empty this cup before it happens, take the hate into myself.
      Duncan: But I don't want to forget her.
      Coltec: What you love will remain. All you lose is some of the pain.
      Duncan: And what will happen to you?
      Coltec: I am Heyoka. My cup has no bottom.
      Duncan: Then help me.

    • Coltec: MacLeod. Why the hell can't you mind your own business?
      Duncan: Because you helped me once.
      Coltec: Really? What was I thinking of?
      Duncan: Jim, you know me. You know I can't let you do this. Let me help you.
      Coltec: Why, MacLeod? Why, I like how I am, MacLeod. In fact, I feel real good about me. You really wanna help? Stick your neck out a little further.

    • Coltec: It's me, MacLeod. It always has been. Just one big old lake of badness.
      Duncan: You're a Heyoka. But you reached your limit. You saw that coming, that's why you stopped taking heads years ago.
      Coltec: Now white man speaks with forked tongue.
      Duncan: Then you ran into Kant and it was too much. You remember, the cup overflowed. That was Kant. You became what you fought.
      Coltec: As we all will become in time,
      Duncan: I don't believe that.
      Coltec: You don't want to. But there's a fine line out there and Hell is waiting on the other side. And you know it, MacLeod. That is why you are trying so hard. You look at me and you see your future.
      Duncan: Not if I can help it.

    • Coltec: What are you hoping for, MacLeod? A guilty conscience? Remorse? Gone. No more weakness. No more Mr. Nice Guy.
      Duncan: You were never weak. You were good. That was your strength.
      Coltec: Let me tell you about strength. Real strength is evil.

    • Richie: Just tell me why. The teacher kills the pupil. Is that what this is all about? Is it because there can be only one? Is that it?
      Duncan: (laughs) That's as good a reason as any.

    • Richie: You fought Coltec and you did what you had to do, and I know how much you hated it.
      Duncan: That's where you're wrong - I loved it.

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    • Joe Dawson: Have you ever heard of the movie It's a Wonderful Life?
      The movie was made in 1946. It's set at Christmas time and stars James Stewart and Donna Reed. It's the story of a businessman who sees what life would have been like if he never existed.

    • Something Wicked
      This title is another Shakespeare reference, this time from MacBeth: "By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes."