Season 3 Episode 14

Song of the Executioner

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 1995 on
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Brother Paul, an old Immortal friend of Duncan's, disappears under mysterious circumstances, and Anne and Joe are framed for crimes. MacLeod suspects an old enemy, Kalas, is responsible.

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  • When an immortal kills brother Paul an old and dear friend of Macleod's it turns out to be personal and not just a random beheading but revenge by another immortal that is out to destroy Macleod and all those around himmoreless

    We join Duncan Macleod and dr. Anne Lindsey enjoying a concert provided by the monks led by brother Paul an immortal Macleod has known for a long time and whose paths has crossed in a positive way who he considers a dear friend after the performance brother Paul thanks Macleod for turning up and is glad he reserved his letter in time .Macleod introduces brother Paul to dr. Anne Lindsey and after a breath chat about how he decided to except an invitation from a music promoter to perform and record some songs for a recording contract which would bring in some well needed funds for the monastery , they leave with brother Paul telling them he would see them later on. when they leave brother Paul stays to practise some more ,he stops sensing another immortal is there thinking that it is Macleod come back he sees a man the promoter who funded the hole thing who he has not met but recognize his voice as kalas a former monk from the monastery he has known for century's . He forces Paul to fight with the out come never in doubt kalas tacks Paul's head and from kalas breath exchange of words you no he is out for revenge against Macleod for what has happened in the past. That's all I'm going to tell you about for this episode this is the first part of a story arc that continues though to the end of the season, the concluding episodes receive higher ratings three of which are rated some of the best in the entire run of the series but for me the first part was the best from start to end. it is gripping though out , the music is good, the parts with out the music the dialog the tension the action the intrigue every thing that happens moves the story seamlessly on to the next event every one is effected in some way or anther Anne Lindsey , Joe Dawson , Ritchie Ryan, and Duncan Macleod and no one will be the same again .you watch as a fan the adventures of Highlander every episode because you enjoy it but every now and again one episode stands head and shoulders above the rest and this episode did it for me.moreless

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    • Duncan: I want you to meet Anne Lindsey. Anne, meet a man who doesn't believe in the 20th century.
      Paul: Oh! I believe in it, I just haven't quite arrived yet.
      Anne: Oh, there's no hurry. The singing was incredible.
      Paul: Oh, well, we try. If it brought some happiness then it wasn't wasted.

    • Paul: You know, I actually flew on a jet plane, and this movie they played, it was... well, entertainment certainly isn't what it used to be.
      Duncan: Well, come over. We can discuss the decline of Western morality.
      Paul: Oh no, not the morality. The dialog, it was atrocious.

    • Duncan: I was told I'd be welcome here. I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.
      Paul: A Highlander, no less. You've come far to find us.
      Duncan: Got through Italy and across Europe. Seems half the world is at war.
      Paul: And the other half is after your head.

    • Duncan: Are there more of us here?
      Paul: A few, like yourself amongst us that need solitude and peace. A place to heal the spirit.
      Duncan: I am a little weary.
      Paul: We carry a heavy burden and we all need a refuge from time to time, from another Immortal or... from ourselves.

    • Timon: I am just a lay-brother. A visitor here, like you.
      Duncan: (scoffing) Like me.
      Timon: You find that hard to believe? Out there, I forgot who I was, what I was living for. Life was one long battle. Does that sound familiar?
      Duncan: Perhaps.
      Timon: I sense that you are still battling. That will pass in time.

    • Kalas: I had to get Paul off holy ground first. And now I've got you, too. Symmetry has its own beauty.
      Duncan: Beauty? Is that what you believe?
      Kalas: I believe in revenge, MacLeod.

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