Season 3 Episode 17

Take Back the Night

Aired Unknown Apr 29, 1995 on
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Ceirdwyn, an Immortal Celtic warrior, extracts bloody revenge on the gang who killed her mortal husband, but Duncan must try to persuade her that violence isn't the way.

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  • An innocent couple are killed for fun by a gang out for kicks ,but one of the couple turns out to be an immortal and comes back to seek revenge for the death of her husband, leaving Macleod to stop her without having to take her head.moreless

    An innocent couple are murded by a gang just for kicks one of the couple is an immortal who comes back to seek revenge for the murder of her husband, the only witness is a young teenage pick pocket .The next day the pick pocket who's name is paplo try's to pick pocket Macleod but he catches him, Pablo latches on to Macleod for a ride home saying he has no money and has a sick sister he has to look after ,on the way there the story changes to a brother, Macleod stops the car suddenly out side a disused wear house where he discovers a dead body in an old bath that's been killed with a sword and then walks in to a woman who we learn was the immortal whose husband was murded called ceirdwyn ,she plans to get revenge against all who where involved In the coarse of the story there are flash backs for both and together and revelations to Pablo and the gang who did it and the final out come as to what Macleod will do to stop her from getting revenge and the out come to that. And Ritchie's on going story on the track reaches its own tragic conclusion. Valuable lessons are learned for both him and Macleod, and an unexpected conclusion at the end. Highlander is a show that takes It's time to get in to as it's not like other cult shows doing the rounds it is far more adult in its telling of stories but when you get in to it its just like seeing a film. I'm a hooked now like other fans of the show are and I'm sure you will be to if you give it a few episodes to get in to. This is my first review of a highlander episode and hope to write more if they get submitted I don't give endings away as a fan I want you to enjoy the show as much as I do.moreless
Kim Johnston Ulrich

Kim Johnston Ulrich


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Ben Pullen

Ben Pullen

Bonnie Prince Charlie

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Marc Edouard Leon

Marc Edouard Leon


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Michel Modo

Michel Modo


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    • Maurice: (about Richie) You don't worry about him getting hurt?
      Duncan: I worry.
      Maurice: Young men. They all think they are going to live forever.

    • Duncan: Sire, if you please. I must stay. The English are butchering farmers who've never seen a battlefield. I have unfinished business here.
      Prince Charlie: So have we all, MacLeod. But one sword won't turn the war.
      Duncan: No, but I'll make them pay dearly.
      Prince Charlie: Aye, I believe you will.

    • Ceirdwyn: We're warriors, MacLeod. We avenge our own. We kill the killers. There's a time to stop, when enough is enough. You know that.
      Duncan: Maybe it's too late. The things I've done, I've killed so many. Young and old, with their wives and children watching. I've become the thing I hate.
      Ceirdwyn: You've seen too much death. What you need is a taste of life.

    • Ceirdwyn: Steven didn't die. He was murdered, and it was too soon.
      Duncan: You can't trade death for death, Ceirdwyn.
      Ceirdwyn: Avenging his death is his memorial.
      Duncan: You've already killed the guy that pulled the trigger. Let the rest go. Let that be his memorial.

    • Maurice: It's always sad to lose one so young. So much they have yet to do. My first wife was a religious woman. To her, those who had died were never far away. I hope it's true.
      Duncan: Truer than you think.

    • (alone at her husband's grave)
      Ceirdwyn: I did what I had to do... but you'd think, after all this time, I would have learned... Death is always death. And when someone's gone, nothing can bring them back. Not pain, not rage... not revenge.

    • Duncan: You've killed two already. How much is enough?
      Ceirdwyn: There were five of them.
      Duncan: This isn't the answer.
      Ceirdwyn: A body for a body. A head for a head. Since the dawn of time. It's no different now.
      Duncan: Revenge does nothing, Ceirdwyn... nothing.

    • (about her dead (mortal) husband)
      Duncan: You going to be okay?
      Ceirdywn: No, not for a long time... I'm not going to forget him, you know? But it was worth it. For the fifteen years we had together, I'll trade fifteen years of pain. I'd trade a hundred!
      Duncan: But what about the price they pay? No family, living in secrecy... waiting for the night you go out and you never come back. Maybe we're not supposed to be with them.
      Ceirdwyn: They're not children, MacLeod. They make their own decisions. Steven knew what I was, and he chose to be with me.

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