Season 4 Episode 12

The Blitz

Aired Unknown Feb 11, 1996 on
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While trying to rescue Anne Lindsay from a subway collapse, Duncan remembers when he lost a woman he loved during the London Blitz during World War II... and vows not to let it happen again.

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  • Filler episode.

    When a pregnant Anne Lindsay is trap in a collapsed building Duncan and Richie try to rescue her. In flashbacks MacLeod remembers losing his lover during the London Blitz. While this episode does a good job to show us once again that once Duncan MacLeod loves some one apart of him will love that person forever. Some of the flashbacks seem to go a little too long. Also in final scene with Duncan and Richie the previous episode flashbacks were excessive obviously trying to fill out an episode that came up short. While this episode did have some touching moments; the entire episode fell a little flat.moreless

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    • Anne: You're gonna be all right. Try not to move.
      Mike: (pinned by a beam) Pretty easy.

    • Duncan: You look beautiful.
      Diane: I hate to be the one to say it first, but I missed you.
      Duncan: Well, it's only fair. I said it first the last time.

    • Diane: Good evening. This is Diane Terrin on the rooftop of the Savoy Hotel. Once again, Hitler is displaying his madness with indiscriminate bombings in the heart of London. At this very moment I am here to report on the fires, on the bombs, on the attacking planes. As I'm standing here, the enemy continues to pound this city as they have for months, striking at the greatest landmarks without honor or remorse. What I really want to tell you is that through it all, this is still London. I can see the Towers, moonlight on the surface of the Thames, Parliament is still standing, the Palace is untouched, and Big Ben is still ticking. So, Mr. Hitler, the beer is warm, the food inedible, this is still England. There aren't enough bombs to undo that. So my message is to the Nazis. I was dancing when you got here and I'll be dancing when you're gone. The all-clear has been sounded. It is over for tonight. Merry old England, I urge you all, check with your neighbors, see if anyone needs help. Back home in America, write your Congressman. England needs our help. She needs our planes, she needs our weapons, and she needs our prayers. Good night, and God bless.

    • Diane: Do you believe in fate, Duncan?
      Duncan: Sometimes.
      Diane: I do. I think this whole war happened just so we could meet.

    • Diane: You think Churchill's right? That there'll always be an England?
      Duncan: Count on it.
      Diane: But the Nazis are destroying it one night at a time. I mean, how much more can they take? If America doesn't get into this war, there may not be an England.
      Duncan: Ah, some places don't know how to die. When London was decimated by the bubonic plague, nobody thought the city would ever recover. The smell of death was everywhere. Six years later, again the city was thriving.

    • Richie: It was a hell of a gesture, Mac, giving her the house. I used to think a dozen roses was a nice gift, or a sweater, maybe even an ankle bracelet.

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