Season 4 Episode 7

The Colonel

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1995 on



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    • Joe: On the surface we may look alike. But underneath, we are two different species. It's right that Mac backed off. It's better this way.
      Amanda: Look, Joe, we're all different--black, white, men, women. We all live in our own little worlds.
      Joe: With me and Mac, it's different universes.
      Amanda: Then why are you both so hurt?
      Joe: What do you mean by that?
      Amanda: I mention your name and he immediately changes the subject. I bring him up and you've spent two minutes telling me all the things you don't have in common.
      Joe: Which is absolutely everything.

    • Joe: Look, I took an oath. I have to live by it.
      Amanda: Oh yeah? Well, let's just picture two gravestones, okay? One says "he lived by the rules." The other one says "he was a good friend." Now which one do you want?
      Joe: You should try to get the Beatles back together, too.

    • Melissa: Are you a cop?
      Amanda: Not in this life.

    • Melissa: Oh, you are so weird.
      Amanda: Oh, honey. You don't even know.

    • Melissa: Hi, Mac. (to Amanda) He's awesome.
      Amanda: (to Duncan) You look terrible.
      Duncan: She said I looked awesome.
      Amanda: She lied.

    • Killian: Colonel Simon Killian, commanding.
      Duncan: Duncan MacLeod. Transporting the wounded.
      Killian: Ambulance driver?
      Duncan: That's correct.
      Killian: I would think that a man of your... experience could do better.
      Duncan: I chose this duty.
      Killian: Why? When you could lead men into battle instead. Share their glory, hear their shouts of victory.
      Duncan: And the screams of the maimed and dying. I've fought here against Napoleon and Louie the Fourteenth. I've seen men die for the same ground too many times to want to do it again.

    • Killian: You think you judge me. You think you can dispose of me that easily? Men and their governments come and go, playing at peace, while soldiers like me fight on. Read your history books. Peace is nothing but a pause between the wars. Do you not think we will fight Germany again?
      The General: Guards, restrain him.
      Killian: Shoot me if you will. I am Colonel Simon Killian. I was Colonel Simon Killian before you were born. I will be Colonel Simon Killian long after you and yours are dead! I will dance on your graves! You insignificant bastards!

    • Amanda: Sometimes I worry about your overindulged sense of morality.
      Duncan: Do you now?
      Amanda: Yeah. But I wouldn't worry. I'll protect you from it.

    • Duncan: This is between you and me, Killian. Isn't what you dreamed of all these years?
      Killian: My dreams would terrify you.

    • Amanda: Look, I love you and you're my best friend. But I just have to go away. Um... I've got to get it together.
      Duncan: Door's always open.
      Amanda: I know.

    • Duncan: Well, anything you need. Anything I can do. I'll always be here for you, all right?
      Amanda: Can you do something for me? Go and see Joe. Duncan, life is too short... for him. Think about it.
      Duncan: Maybe.

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