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Season 3 Episode 4

The Cross of St. Antoine

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1994 on
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Episode Summary

Joe's girlfriend is killed by an Immortal seeking an ancient golden cross, which Duncan swore to protect centuries earlier.

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    David Longworth

    David Longworth


    Guest Star

    Brion James

    Brion James

    Armand Thorne/John Durgan

    Guest Star

    David Hauka

    David Hauka

    Martin Blinder

    Guest Star

    Elizabeth Gracen

    Elizabeth Gracen


    Recurring Role

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      • Amanda: I hear you're one of those guys who likes to watch.
        Joe: It's, uh, clinical, for history. We don't get involved.
        Amanda: Well, tell me, do you watch us do... everything?
        Joe: Only the things I can't get arrested for.

      • Amanda: (about Joe) So that's a Watcher.
        Duncan: What do you think?
        Amanda: I think he's kinda cute.

      • Joe: Why, MacLeod? I don't get it.
        Duncan: Sometimes there's no sense, Joe. Things happen, no reason.
        Amanda: The police said she'd probably surprised a burglar.
        Joe: That's a load of crap! He was wearing a two-thousand dollar suit. I didn't even get a look at the bastard's face.
        Duncan: You did what you could.
        Joe: Yeah? Well, that was not enough! Do you know what that feels like?
        Duncan: Yes.
        Joe: Do you?
        Duncan: Yes, I do.

      • Durgan: I'll be damned.
        Duncan: You never seen a cross before?
        Durgan: I've never seen one like that. All that gold, wasted on a priest. Enough to make a man take up religion.

      • Joe: The cops'll never find him. They need things like motive, witnesses. She wasn't robbed, she wasn't raped. Someone just opened her door and killed her.
        Amanda: I've lived a long time, Joe. What goes around, comes around.
        Joe: You really believe that's true?
        Amanda: I believe it should be.

      • Duncan: You all right?
        Joe: Yeah, don't worry about me. Sympathy For Joe Day is over. I'm fine. What, do you think I'm the only person who ever lost someone? Come on, it happens all the time.
        Duncan: If that's how you see it.

      • Amanda: Practice makes perfect. Do it again.
        Duncan: Again? My arms are getting tired. Maybe you should lose some weight.
        Amanda: Maybe you should start working out more, MacLeod. You're getting absolutely puny.

      • Amanda: (as Joe sings the blues) Did you know he could do that?
        Duncan: No. You know, it's funny. Man knows more about me than anyone else alive. Yet I hardly know anything about him.
        Amanda: God, to sing like that. He must have had a hell of a life.
        Duncan: Probably.
        Amanda: You gonna ask him about it?
        Duncan: No. When he's ready, he'll tell me.

      • Thorne: I sell nothing, and nothing is ever taken from me.
        Duncan: How about your head?

      • Duncan: Murdering a priest is an interesting way to find religion.

      • Amanda: For three hundred years you've been telling me to go legit. Now that I'm straight you want me to steal!

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