Season 3 Episode 7

The Lamb

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1994 on
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MacLeod and Richie become the protectors for Kenny, a child Immortal who is eternally trapped in a 10-year old body. But Kenny is more then he seems...

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      • Duncan: Richie, a wooden boat is alive. It speaks to you.
        Richie: Oh, so does fiberglass, Mac, and it says "low maintenance."

      • Commander: We take the bridge and we hold it.
        Duncan: You can't. There's a column coming down the road. You try taking it now, they'll cut you to pieces.
        Commander: I'll take no advice from a man too cowardly to wear a uniform.
        Duncan: There's no glory in having your men slaughtered like sheep.
        Commander: Go back to your Negroes, abolitionist, and leave the fighting to men.
        Duncan: What the hell do you think you're fighting for?

      • Kenny: How do you stand it?
        Richie: Stand what?
        Kenny: Knowing you won't get any older.
        Richie: Well, I try to think about the good things.
        Kenny: Like what?
        Richie: Like, uh, I'll never have arthritis. Like I get to keep this hair forever.
        Kenny: It's different for you. You're almost a grown-up. If the crash hadn't happened, I'd be older too. A lot older.
        Richie: Yeah, about fourteen. Look, Kenny, it happened. You've gotta stop beating yourself up about it.

      • Anne: So where's Kenny?
        Duncan: I sent him home.
        Anne: Oh, great! I mean, I know he's, you know, your family and everything. But didn't you just once feel like just smacking him one? I can't believe I said that. Did I just say that?
        Duncan: Yeah, you did.

      • Anne: Don't you think you're a little young to be such a grouch?
        Kenny: (Duncan) sleeps with a lot of women, and you're not the prettiest. He had one over just last night.

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