Season 3 Episode 3

The Revolutionary

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1994 on
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Ducnan's attempts to deal with an Immortal who deals in bloody revolutions is hindered by Charlie's joining his cause.

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      • Charlie: It's funny. This time I'm the one leaving with the girl and you're stuck here running the dojo.
        Duncan: You're sure this is what you want?
        Charlie: Yeah, I'm sure.
        Duncan: You know even if this peace works, it's gonna be harder than any war.
        Charlie: I'm needed, man. Whether it's to fight or rebuild, I'm needed. I like the way that feels.

      • Karros: Spartacus was a great leader, Mac. He convinced a bunch of slaves that they could defeat the Roman Empire. Ninety thousand of us ended up with him.
        Duncan: Yeah, all of which were crucified, burned, or hung.
        Karros: They died free. Spartacus may be gone, Mac, but I still hear his voice and I carry his fight.
        Duncan: Be careful when you hear voices from the past, Paul. Time can make you a liar.

      • Duncan: I think if you asked them if they could choose to fight, knowing that they might die, they would.
        Elda: They're so young. What good is being free if you're dead?
        Duncan: Maybe they believe there's something worth fighting for?

      • Karros: If we had this man on our side, we wouldn't need an army.
        Duncan: You and me against an army, Karros? You must have gotten better since the last time we met.
        Karros: Yes, maybe both of us have. We're both still around, aren't we?

      • Karros: That was another war. Seems like such a long time ago. I take it we were on different sides?
        Charlie: Oh, I was an adviser. Mostly I tried not to be on a side. Ah, there was no up or down in that one.
        Karros: There's always a right and a wrong.
        Duncan: At least that's what the spin doctors want you to believe.

      • Anne: Let's go. I said everybody.
        Duncan: What, you mean me?
        Anne: Oh, unless you're the one with the special dispensation from the Pope.
        Duncan: Oh, well I must have left it in my other pants.

      • Karros: You're getting soft, Mac. Maybe you've lost your fire.
        Duncan: I haven't lost it. I just don't let it eat me up anymore, or anyone else.

      • Mara: Tomorrow you call a press conference and accept the truce.
        Karros: No way. They'll slaughter us.
        Mara: Maybe. But for now the fighting has ended, Paul.
        Karros: Are you threatening me?
        Mara: You're not the only one who can call a press conference. Accept the truce, or it all comes out-–the lies, the murder. The war is over.
        Karros: Spoken like a true hero, Mara. What causes always needed--its heroes... or its martyrs.

      • Paul Karros: Never confuse people with what they don't need to know.

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