Season 3 Episode 1

The Samurai

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1994 on
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Duncan must help the descendent of his old Japanese mentor, the man who gave him his katana.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • In the episode "Freefall," MacLeod tells Felicia Martins that he received his katana from a fellow Scotsman, namely Connor. This episode shows that Duncan actually received the sword from a Japanese friend.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Mirdori: I married Michael for the money I thought would restore my family's honor.
        Duncan: Honor has nothing to do with money, Mirdori.

      • Hideo: Feel your weight where it meets the weight of the mountain. When you swing the sword, bring the mountain's power through you.
        Duncan: "Bring the mountain's power through you"? What is this, swordplay or poetry?
        Hideo: Both.

      • Mirdori: Where are you going?
        Duncan: To talk to Kent, to try to work this out.
        Mirdori: Well, what makes you think he'll even see you?
        Duncan: Because I can be very charming, when I wanna be.

      • Kent: She's my prize, MacLeod, my treasure.
        Duncan: She's a human being.
        Kent: Oh, she's more than that. Haven't you seen the light in her eyes? The way the light plays on her skin, like porcelain? She's a work of art. You don't destroy a work of art.

      • Duncan: You know, where I come from, they just pour hot water in a pot and bottoms up.
        Maja: Here, it is not the end that matters, but the path to it.
        Duncan: I'm beginning to understand that. But I'd still like to know when to drink the tea.
        Maja: My father asked me to do this for you, to honor you. When you drink, is your choice.

      • Kent: You could have left this alone, MacLeod.
        Duncan: That's just it. I couldn't.
        Kent: I'd never hurt her.
        Duncan: Sometimes it's not the body you have to protect. It's the spirit.

      • Midori: Sometimes I come here and I half expect Hideo Koto to come marching towards me. He died over two hundred years ago, yet I still feel him. Maybe there is such a thing as immortality.
        Duncan: Maybe there is.

      • Maja: Wash outside tub. Soak inside tub. It is Japanese custom!
        Duncan: This is a Scottish body, and it can wash itself!

      • Duncan: I bathe once a month!
        Maja: You smell like it!

      • Hideo: If they see you, you will be crucified.
        (Duncan looks unphased)
        Hideo: And then beheaded.
        Duncan: That's a pleasant thought.

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