Season 2 Episode 1

The Watchers

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1993 on
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Determined to investigate the death of his old friend Darius, MacLeod follows a lead back to his old stomping grounds in the Pacific Northwest. He meets Joe Dawson, a bookstore owner with a secret; he soon learns that Dawson is a high-ranking member of an ancient secret organization known as The Watchers, who observe and record the lives of the Immortals, passing their archives down from generation to generation. Unbeknownst to Dawson, his brother-in-law, James Horton (the man who killed Darius), has been recruiting Watchers to kill Immortals.moreless

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  • MAc is determined to find out who killed Darius. He finds out about a group of mortals that do nothing but keep records on the immortals, and has been a secret for centuries. Problem is rogue members are using their knowledge of the immortals to kill thmoreless

    This was a great way to bring in this group. It takes the series from being ajust a Mac the hero versus the villian every week series, to more of a drama that involves more. Joe Dawson seemed a little to eager to early to divulge all the secrets if this group has been secret for centuries. But it definitely takes the series up a couple of notches.
  • This episode bridges the gap between seasons very well.

    Though it ran a bit long on the recycled footage from the previous season this episode deftly starts where season one left off with Mcleod seeking revenge and answers for the death of Darius.

    We also meet Joe Dawson an integral star of the show which makes it interesting to see McLeod's skepticism and tension with Dawson in their first meetings.

    This episode is a fine example of how the previous events of last season and before have shaped McLeod as a character. It rises above being a mundane show with a new villain type character that McLeod defeats and is never heard from again. Rather, each battle becomes part of his character and is reflected how they develop the characters and plot.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Duncan is knocked down by the two thugs, at the start of his fight with them, he drops his book. The book falls near him, then disappears. We later see in very close to the wall, and not where he dropped it.

    • According to the on-screen credits for the Highlander movie, the names of both Iman Fasil (misspelled "Aman") and Sunda Kastagir (misspelled "Sundra Kastagar") are incorrectly spelled in the Kurgan's file.

    • In the Kurgan's file there is a reference to a "Stosch Basalok" that the Kurgan killed in 1985 - the same time as Kastagir. No such Immortal appears in the movie showing Kastagir's death, although a reference is made to a Osta Vaselich(sic) dying in New Jersey, and there was originally footage filmed of the Kurgan killing an Immortal named Yung Dol Kim.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Richie: This has been the crummiest night of my entire life, except maybe the prom with Mary Ellen Nuwiki. She got wasted on lemon gin and puked all over the ladies' can.

    • (after Duncan attacks Horton)
      Lynn: What was that for?
      Duncan: Ask him.
      Lynn: He won't tell me.
      Duncan: Neither will I.

    • Richie: You know, you sound like my coach when he tried to get us fired up for a game.
      Tessa: Did it work?
      Richie: Sometimes, but most of the time, we just got our asses kicked.

    • Joe: We know there can be only one. It might be you.
      Duncan: It should've been Darius.
      Joe: Not his fate.
      Duncan: Fate didn't kill him, you did.

    • Richie: This is just great - just great! I mean, he's there, they're there, we're here, nobody's anywhere!
      Tessa: You ever think of running for Congress?

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