Season 4 Episode 9

The Wrath of Kali

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1995 on



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    • Duncan: Shandra Devane, this is Richie Ryan.
      Richie: Oh, uh, I'm sorry. I was expecting someone a little tweedier, you know. Maybe smoking a pipe.
      Shandra: Well, I'll have to work on that.

    • Duncan: Kamir doesn't believe in luck.
      Kamir: Karma, luck, destiny. In the end, I suppose they are all the same. Kali calls us to her in different ways.
      Richie: Excuse me. Are you saying that a statue brought you here?
      Kamir: Actually, it was a swift, smooth 747.

    • Richie: (about Kamir's fighting style) Looks like a, uh, cross between Tai Chi and Kendo.
      Kamir: And perhaps it is older than both of them.
      Richie: You don't know?
      Kamir: My friend, modern India began over three thousand years ago. We were invaded by the Persians, the French, the British. Empire after empire tried to destroy us. But we are still there.
      Richie: Must be an amazing place.
      Kamir: It is. But to really know India, you have to live there. See it, taste it, breathe it. There is no place in the world like India.

    • Kamir: Two hundred years of occupation, and to think that all we managed to teach the British was how to drink tea.
      Duncan: Then the British Empire wasn't a total waste of time.

    • Alice: You're not an empire builder. What brought you to the mysterious East?
      Duncan: I came for the food.
      Alice: (suggestively) Really? I would like to put a little spice in my life.

    • Kamir: We were slaves to them. Just cattle. They stole from us with impunity and called it their right, their destiny.
      Duncan: The British left India a long time ago.
      Kamir: But their ghosts remain.
      Duncan: Buying art is not a crime.
      Kamir: No? Looting with guns or looting with money, what's the difference? A people and its art cannot be separated. They are one.

    • Kamir: Men like us must preserve where we come from, because that is what makes us sane. That is what makes us holy.
      Richie: Sure. If you come from somewhere... or someone.
      Kamir: You only say this because you don't know who your parents are. No Immortal does. We are children and heirs of the time and place that bore us.
      Richie: So Mac's got the Highlands, you've got India, I've got bowling alleys and fast food joints.
      Kamir: You have much more than that, Richie. And you will know it when it starts to die before you. And you will fight for it, even if you are as I am, the last of your kind.

    • Richie: (about Kamir) I still don't feel good about him dying.
      Duncan: You're not supposed to.
      Richie: There was a greatness about him, Mac. What he said, what he stood for, what he wanted for his people.
      Duncan: Richie, Kamir didn't speak for India. He spoke for himself and a cult that died out over a hundred years ago.
      Richie: I know. But some of it still felt like the truth.
      Duncan: Some of it was. When you're immortal, you see kings and dynasties come and go. Sometimes it's hard to remember that you're not a god. Kamir thought that he was.

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