Season 2 Episode 6

The Zone

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 1993 on

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  • Mac finds about a group of poor people led by an ego driven con man. He and his new friend decide to get involved and fight for whats right.

    A decent episode. No immortals. But it does try to build character relationships between Mac and Dawson, and Mac and Charlie. The acting from Charlie is still wooden, but the story so so as you can tell it was quickly put together..not the worst...but nothing to get excited for.
  • Mac and Charlie take down a crime boss who's terrorizing Charlie's old home town.

    This is a great episode. As I'm writing this review, it's rated a 2.5 by 8 users and the only reason I'm writing this is because that just can't possibly be a fair rating. This episode has significantly more martial arts in it than the average episode and it's pretty good stuff. It's got a great ending too. They hint that Charlie might end up finding out that Mac is an immortal eventually. Charlie says something like "Someday, I'm going to find out who or what you really are," and Mac replies by warning him to leave the subject alone. So if you're watching the DVD's like I am, don't skip over this episode solely based on the low rating seen here. It's worth watching.