Season 3 Episode 12

They Also Serve

Aired Unknown Feb 11, 1995 on



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  • Quotes

    • May-Ling: You have to be a reed in the wind--neither opposing nor giving way.
      Duncan: I thought I had to feel the weight of the mountain?
      May-Ling: The weight of the mountain must pass through you, not anchor you.

    • May-Ling: I believe the teacher has taught you all she can.
      Duncan: It is time, then? For the pupil to leave?
      May-Ling: Yes. But perhaps the man will remain.
      Duncan: Are you regarding me as more than a student?
      May-Ling: I'm inviting you to be.

    • Joe: Rule number one--a Watcher and an Immortal can't be friends.
      Duncan: Come on, Joe, you don't have to choose.
      Joe: Don't I? I took an oath and I broke it. The Watchers have been around for a long time. What gives me the right to say, "We'll do this my way"?
      Duncan: Because you're a man, and part of life is deciding, making your own judgment calls. Like choosing who your friends are.

    • Duncan: Unfinished business is always hard. If you didn't believe Ian was right yesterday, dying doesn't make him right today. Follow your instincts. That's all you can do.
      Joe: What if you're wrong?
      Duncan: Then you're wrong. You know, the life I live, sometimes you fight, you kill. It never leaves you untouched.

    • Duncan: (holding out his sword) Keep an eye on this for me.
      Richie: Mac, that's one of the first things you taught me--make it part of you. Keep it with you.
      Duncan: Yeah, I know. It is part of me. But it's not my life. For twenty-four hours, I'm walking away from it.

    • Joe Dawson: Sometimes, in life you have to do more than just watch.

    • May-Ling: So the student had to teach the teacher a lesson.
      Duncan: And what was that?
      May-Ling: Sometimes a man's greatest asset is also his greatest liability.
      (knees him in the groin)
      Duncan: I had to ask...

    • May-Ling Shen: When one's life is in danger, one is capable of doing extraordinary things.

  • Notes

    • When broadcast on TV, Duncan doesn't first appear in person until almost 15 minutes into the episode, and Richie until more than 35 minutes into the episode (both counting commercials).

    • Flashback: Outer Mongolia, 1780

  • Allusions

    • They Also Serve
      The episode title comes from a John Milton poem, On His Blindness: "They also serve who only stand and wait."

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