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Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1996 on
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An Immortal, Walter Graham, seeks to promote the career of a pianist by killing her, aware that she is an Immortal-in-waiting. Meanwhile, Methos dates a woman with a secret of her own.

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  • Duncan tries to help a friend come to terms with becoming an Immortal and Methos falls in love.

    Duncan’s old friend Walter Graham comes to town seeking to kill Claudia Jardine making her an immortal at the pinnacle of her talent. How much would your life change if you found out you are Immortal? This question is examined in this episode when Claudia becomes an Immortal. Life as she knows it is about to change forever. She can handle the idea of living forever, but not what goes along with it. The idea of taking heads and having to learn to use a sword disgusts her. The question remains will she learn what she needs to before someone takes her head. Also, Methos falls in love with a waitress at Joe’s bar. The woman is dying of a terminal illness but that doesn’t matter to him. Another view of the way Immortals view humans, were all dying. He knows he will never have enough time her, whether it’s one day or she lives to be a hundred. A very touching episode I found the Methos story to be the better part of the episode.moreless
Ron Halder

Ron Halder

Walter Graham

Guest Star

Ocean Hellman

Ocean Hellman

Alexa Bond

Guest Star

Rae Dawn Chong

Rae Dawn Chong

Claudia Jardine

Guest Star

Peter Wingfield

Peter Wingfield

Methos aka Adam Pierson

Recurring Role

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    • Claudia: You know, just because you think you own me doesn't mean you can tell me how to live my life.
      Duncan: I don't think I own you.
      Claudia: Oh yes you do. If you hadn't paid for Juilliard, the Paris Conservatory, I would probably be stuck in some crummy lounge in Las Vegas doing my one millionth rendition of Proud Mary.
      Duncan: Is this a thank you I'm hearing?
      Claudia: I thank you by being brilliant.
      Duncan: She said modestly.

    • Joe: This may be, uh, well, pretty presumptuous, but I play a little blues and I would love to play some music with you.
      Duncan: Oh, Claudia plays some blues. Not well, but passable.
      Claudia: How would you know? You're tone deaf.

    • Methos: Alexa. You see, even her name is beautiful. There was something, you know? There was... there was a spark. I wonder if she felt it. I mean, I, I don't wanna make a fool of myself. Did you ever feel like that?
      Duncan: Couple of times. I don't see what the problem is.
      Methos: What if she doesn't like me?
      Duncan: What if she does?

    • Alexa: Well, either you like to drink or you're crazy about the blues.
      Methos: No, I was waiting for you. I see I leave you speechless. This is an excellent start.
      Alexa: Start to what?
      Methos: To dinner, a film, a concert, a smile, a sunset, a walk. All of the above, whatever you would like.
      Alexa: Do women really fall for that line?
      Methos: I have no idea. I've never used it before.

    • Alexa: Please, don't make me laugh.
      Methos: Why not?
      Alexa: Because it's not fair.
      Methos: Rarely is. (he goes to kiss her)
      Alexa: I'm sorry.
      Methos: For what? You can tell me.
      Alexa: I'm dying. You see, don't you? We can't go out tomorrow.
      Methos: Absolutely. We'd better make it tonight.

    • Duncan: You don't think I know how you feel? Hmm? When I first became immortal, I had the same fears that you have. My life changed, in a way I couldn't comprehend. Through the years I've found so many wonders, so many endless possibilities. I'm not telling you that whatever gift you were given you'll ever get back. Things will never be the same, that's the way it is for us. But there's future upon future, lifetime upon lifetime, out there for you. But only if you learn how to protect yourself.
      Claudia: But I'm nothing now.
      Duncan: Claudia, talent is something that you have. It's not who you are.
      Claudia: But who'll care about me if I can't play?
      Duncan: I will.

    • Alexa: Plane tickets? To where?
      Methos: Anywhere you like. Everywhere, if there's time.
      Alexa: It's not that easy.
      Methos: Yes, it is. You spend whatever time you have left dying, or you spend it living... with me. Please. Say you'll come with me, Alexa.

    • Claudia: When Walter was about to kill me, I was afraid to die, Duncan.
      Duncan: Well, we have to start your sword training.
      Claudia: No. I was afraid to die. I have to fear death in order to feel my music. In order to feel mortal.
      Duncan: Claudia, you're not mortal. You're in the Game now. While you're out there chasing your genius, someone else is gonna be chasing you. Don't do that.
      Claudia: But I have to. Duncan, it's okay.

    • Joe: (about Methos and Alexa) They don't know if she'll make it to Egypt.
      Duncan: Doesn't matter. Even if she lives to be a hundred, he'll still have the pain of losing her.

    • Alexa Bond: I shouldn't have agreed to see you. It was stupid, really.
      Adam Pierson/Methos: Why?
      Alexa Bond: Because you don't need to be a witness to what I'm going through. It's gonna get ugly.
      Adam Pierson/Methos: You look beautiful to me. (pause) Look, whatever it is you're going through, I can handle it (slight pause) if you let me.
      Alexa Bond: Why would you want to?
      Adam Pierson/Methos: Because the alternative is unthinkable.

    • Joe: It's quite simple. Nine innings. Two halves to each inning. Three outs for each half-inning, played at a nice leisurely pace. Baseball, it's like, I don't know, it's like meditation.

    • Methos: Excuse me, if I sat at a table, would you be my waitress?
      Alexa: Is he a good tipper?
      Joe: No.
      Alexa: Well, too bad. Makes up for it being cute though.
      Methos: Cute. I can do cute. I'm, uh, Adam Pierson.
      Alexa: Where're you from?
      Methos: Um...
      Alexa: Your accent. You're not from here.
      Methos: No, I've travelled a lot.
      Alexa: Really? Paris.
      Methos: Paris is too full of Parisians. Even the French don't like Paris.
      Alexa: Venice.
      Methos: Venice, the smell alone will kill you.
      Alexa: Little young to be so cynical, aren't you?
      Methos: Uh, if you say so.
      Alexa: I just did.
      Methos: What did I say?
      Joe: Ah, forget it. Alexa's not your type, okay?

    • Duncan: Don't say a word.
      Methos: Oops. Where's Alexa? We, uh, we have a date.
      Joe: She called in sick.
      Methos: Where does she live?
      Joe: Adam, she doesn't want to see you, okay? Just leave her alone.
      Methos: Joe, I didn't ask for your opinion. I know she's dying, okay? You are all dying. Twenty years. Six months. What's the difference?
      Joe: She's protecting herself. She's protecting you, don't you get it?
      Methos: Yes, I get it. Now tell me where she lives.

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