Season 6 Episode 12

To Be (1)

Aired Unknown May 09, 1998 on
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To Be (1)
The popular series lays down its sword after six seasons in this stirring finale, in which MacLeod makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of Amanda and Joe Dawson... then reunites with old friend Hugh Fitzcairn, and gets a look at what the world-- and his friends' lives-- would be like without him.moreless

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      • Duncan: Am I dead too? Well?
        Fitz: Try not to think of yourself as dead, more metabolically challenged, like golf.
        Duncan: Golf?
        Fitz: And you're the ball.
        Duncan: I'm the ball?
        Fitz: Sliding down the fairway.
        Duncan: Sliding down the fairway.
        Fitz: Now you're getting it.
        Duncan: Fitz, I'm not even close to getting it.

      • (Duncan smashes a poison-laced drink Amanda prepared for her husband)
        Amanda: What the hell was that for?
        Duncan: ...spider...black widow if I'm not mistaken, female kills the male.
        Amanda: Then eats him, funny, I didn't see anything.

      • Duncan: I gotta get Amanda out. It's my fight, not hers. Where're you going?
        Methos: Well, I'm, uh, kind of fond of the little vixen myself. Okay?
        Duncan: Yeah.

      • Fitzcairn: Great Scott, MacLeod! (pause) Ummm, no pun intended.

      • Methos: "Don't go, MacLeod. It's a trap MacLeod. MacLeod, your pants are on fire." Doesn't matter what I say, does it? Well, I've only been alive for five thousand years; what would I know about it?

      • Methos: Goodbye.
        Duncan: I think you mean "good luck," don't you?
        Methos: Of course, uh, that's what I meant.

      • Joe: Now, wait a minute. You're telling me that this chronicle is wrong? That it was Marcus Aedilies who took the head of Titus Marconus and not Peter Gaicus.
        Methos: Seventy-four BC. I had a tidy little sum wagered on Marconus too. Had my eyes on a little summer place outside Herculaneum.
        Joe: Yeah, but why would his Watcher lie?
        Methos: Oh, come on, Joe. You know how it is. You don't want to admit to your Watcher buddies that your guy's been whacked by some sniveling little weasel like Aedilies so you make up a story that he's been, he's been aced by the greatest swordsman in Rome.
        Joe: I don't know, man. I don't know.
        Methos: Hey, you ask, I tell you. And incidentally, it wasn't outside the Forum either it was, um, it was in the vomitorium.
        Joe: In the vomitorium?
        Methos: The place you went to vomit.
        Joe: You mean they actually did do that?
        Methos: You eat a seventeen course meal where the main garnish is honey coated ants and peacock brains... We ate; we drank; we vomited.
        Joe: But see, it doesn't say anything in this chronicle about him dying in a vomitorium.
        Methos: Well, is that how you'd want to go down in history? (feels an Immortal's presence) We're having company.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Though Elizabeth Gracen is finally in the credits this season, this episode and its continuation "Not To Be" are the only episodes that she actually appears in.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Title
        The title refers to one of the most famous of all Shakespeare's lines, the soliloquy from Hamlet: To be or not to be; That is the question.