Highway Patrol

Season 1 Episode 34

Art Robbery

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  • Trivia

    • When the two robbers are about to open the doors to the panel truck, the reflection of the mic boom can be seen in the left door glass window.

  • Quotes

    • Broderick Crawford: Try to be as good a driver as you think you are.

    • George Mills: (as he is being arrested with the two henchmen he hired) Mr. Mathews, you certainly don't intend to link a man in my position with these common gunmen.

      Dan Mathews: Mr. Mills. Judging from your position right now it's going to be easy.

    • Carter Giles: I can't conceive of anyone going so low as to...

      Chief Mathews: What steal and commit murder?

      Carter Giles: I can't conceive of it.

      Chief Mathews: Mr. Giles, it's a mathematical formula. You take what you don't want to believe, add it to what you have to believe. You come up with amazing answers.

    • Mathews: (reading one of the robber's rap sheet) Edward R. Wells, age 32, convicted armed robbery, two counts, 1952...paroled last April. This kid's doing alright. He could even build that station wagon out of a do-it-yourself kit.

    • Officer Dorsey: (looking at the dead owner of the hay truck) Looks like murder.

      Mathews: It'll look the same way to the coroner.

    • Mathews: (to a truck driver that had just been slugged after his truck had been robbed) How's it feel, pal?

      Driver: Well, bumps on the head change your personality sometime. Maybe I'm due for an improvement.

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