Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 33

Auto Press

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Episode Recap

Amateur sticks up gas station, shoots, kills owner, and flees with wife to home. Adamant about destroying car to leave no evidence, avenue for auto destruction is brother-owned salvage yard with automobile compactor. Salvage yard brother tells dishonest brother cops are looking for a car his color, style. HP has placed roadblocks around area, wife drives robbery car to brother's business via backroads, trying to avoid HP. Business owner brother consigns to destroy car, as wife drives in with car, all are nervous about getting car destroyed asap. Dan and Williams visit salvage yard, pick small trophy from compacted metal, question owner while criminal brother is hiding, waiting, watching, listening, gun in hand. Brother draws gun on all three, has them drop their weapons, wife pulls into yard, orders her to destroy communication in squad car. Officer Dennis pulls into yard, wife screams to husband, Dan chops weapon from gunman, Williams cuffs gunman brother, Officer Dennis cuffs her, Dan cuffs yard-owner brother, while all three are lead to squad car.