Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 39

Bank Messenger

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Episode Recap

Robbery and murder via motorcycle with sidecar and three of these crimes in a day spell doom for a couple as the HP is closing in with copter search evidencing an abandon car and body. A cash payroll is picked up at bank by courier, the woman feigns turned ankle, courier invites her to sit in his car, she pulls gun telling him to drive, while husband in motorcycle follows them. Courier car is spotted by HP in pursuit, wife takes off on foot, meets husband, escapes in sidecar, no payroll stolen since it was chained to courier's wrist. Officer Simpson comes upon courier and calls in attempted robbery, they all determine a motorcycle is the means of escape as the couple returns to their motel. The HP is closing faster when the motel manager tells them she spots the couple always leaving in a motorcycle with a sidecar. Criminals spot HP while in motel room, man exits, tosses his gun, puts hands up, wife comes out, tosses one gun, she shoots with other gun, he grabs and shoots with her gun, Williams shoots him, he raises his hands, Williams cuffs her, Dan cuffs him.