Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 24

Brave Boy

Aired Unknown Unknown on

Episode Recap

A burglar breaks into the boy's room, the son yells for his father, burglar fights and kills the father, severely hurts the mother and is the only witness. Mathews and Williams notice the suitcases not unpacked as the family came home early, indicating the burglar expected nobody to be home. While the boy looks through mug books, he does tell Chief Dan the burglar smelled like his train set. The burglar's wife tries to sell some stolen items and the customer is Dan meeting her for viewing of the ring with a undercover police woman. Police woman views the ring, tells the seller she will get back to her, while she gives Dan the nod the merchandise is hot. Dan follows her to the auto shop business where he calls Williams to come there, where they will see who comes and goes from that location. Dan and car are spotted by the criminals and they exit fast. Dan calls Williams for a code 3 no siren to be in pursuit, then changes to fast pursuit with siren, blocking them in from both directions and the man starts shooting at both. Dan is hit in the arm, Williams shoots, kills burglar.


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