Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 26

Cargo Hijack

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Episode Recap

Hijacker shoots trucker and leaves truck after discovering cargo is merely crates of school books; Sgt. Williams finds driver in road, wounded, and later, it is learned, the trucker dies. Hijackers now work with another trucker, a 50% partner, carrying machine parts, whereby they steal the parts from his original truck, transferring to their own, while this new partner claims he was hijacked. Dan and Williams question his story when Dan finds a discard cigarette with lipstick, his head bump is also nothing and roadblocks find nothing described by him. HP checks with local FD for fire permits and get the hijackers warehouse name and address to check. Officer Simpson arrests the henchmen truckers finding the stolen machine parts. The main hijackers return to their warehouse, Dan and Williams follow, a shootout ensues inside, Dan shoots, kills the ringleader, the wife is cuffed and lead away.


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