Highway Patrol

Season 1 Episode 39

Christmas Story

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  • Trivia

    • Six year old Julie hands her mother a letter for Santa Claus addressed, North Pole, U.S.A. yet the North Pole is not in the U.S.A but in the international waters of the Arctic Sea.

  • Quotes

    • Julie Spaeth: Santa, you know where little boys and girls live but you forgot where I live because I lived in so many places and no place at all.

    • Chief Dan Mathews: Okay Santa, get in, I'll take you back to town.
      Santa Claus: No thanks, I have my own means of transportation.
      Chief Dan Mathews(with a bewildered look): Okay.

    • Laura Spaeth: I told you he's been busy. Even if we did have problems, I don't see what they have to do with...
      (angrily interrupts)Chief Dan Mathews: It's very important! It has a direct bearing on the case. Now look Mrs Spaeth, lose your pride for a minute, I'm not trying to write a gossip column, I'm trying to find a missing juvenile who happens to be your daughter. So, tell me the truth right now!

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