Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 36


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Episode Recap

Robbery nets two dead crooks with two others wanting their cut from the widow of one of the dead men. She met with Dan and Williams, not owning up to any wrongdoing or knowledge of stolen money, but HP is staking out her house for the two other robbers wanting their cut of the stolen money. Roadblocks are set as widow takes money from hiding, wraps it for mailing, puts it in her home mail box as Dan watches her with binoculars, as she drives away with suitcases. Dan takes the package from her mailbox, has Williams tail her from a distance. The two robbers follow her on foot into a grove, one grabs her, heads for the car when Dan and Williams spot them. The robber shoots, in their direction while Dan and Williams split up to capture them both. Williams surprises one man, he surrenders, Dan cuffs him, the woman escapes with Williams in pursuit, he catches her, cuffs her. Williams makes the other crook surrender at gunpoint, cuffs him, when she runs, falls and Williams finds her. All three are at the squad car, when Dan tells the accomplice widow we'll go talk to the postal inspector.