Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 31

Dan Hostage

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Episode Recap

Amateur attempts diner robbery, shoots owner, gets shot by owner, and orders wife to fix his wound. Dan stops by the diner noticing the robber's vehicle plate, goes inside, notices wounded owner on floor, goes back out to call for backup and an ambulance. Heads back in, checks on victim, yells at robber, robber shoots while holding wife as a shield, says he is leaving with the wife. Dan tells robber to take him instead of the wife. Dan has wife lead husband from the room and ambulance takes owner to hospital. Dan challenges robber as darkness falls, HP surrounds the diner, while robber unloads his shots into the walls. Report of owner in hospital positive, Williams megaphones the news of owner from outside diner, while Dan knocks the robbers gun to the floor and exits with him. The robber is cuffed and lead away.