Highway Patrol

Season 1 Episode 33

Dead Patrolman

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  • Trivia

    • Goof: At approximately 24:40 into the show, as Mathews' patrol car is seen from a distance on a mountain road, a door slam is suddenly heard close up to the camera, yet no car is seen, only the car in the distance.

    • Officer Johnson's call sign in this episode is 42-48

    • The name of the used car lot where Miss Nielsen is to meet with the killers is Danny's Used Cars.

    • At approximately 9 minutes into the show, Chief Mathews is seen driving away from the parking lot of a book store. It's clear that the driver of the car is NOT Broderick Crawford, but someone filling in for the star, who is probably not even on set for the three second shot.

    • The wanted car is owned by a Theo Nielsen, who owns the book store Nielsen's at 921 Main Street. When the exterior of the book store is shown, the show uses a real book shop, complete with it's phone number posted on the front: WY-5560. It also appears that production put a strip of gaffers tape over the first "5" to mask the number, making it look like it could be an "8" or a "3".

    • The license number of the car Frank Handley painted was 2N57516

    • Goof: During the interview that Chief Matthews conducts with car painter Frank Handley, actor Broderick Crawford looks directly into the camera numerous times during the delivery of his lines.

  • Quotes

    • Broderick Crawford: Remember, leave blood at the Red Cross, not on the highway.

    • George: (to Larry, his partner in crime) We were doing okay just lifting and selling 'em. Oh you had to take her for everything she was worth...and I had to be your "brother". Boy this time you conned us right into the hot-seat.

    • Chief Mathews: (concerning the missing patrolman's car) Looks like he stepped out of it a second ago into thin air.

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