Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 37

Detour To Death

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Episode Recap

Fake signs, fake uniforms, car with small trailer are used by three related criminals whose last victim was killed in their robbery attempt, no money in his wallet, and gun in glove box taken. Chief Dan has a plan to post detour signs, when HP officers spot signs they call in, if sign not official, they are on to the criminals. HP informed gun was stolen with latest victim. Wife/sister fakes a reason to travel by bus, stranger offers a ride going her way, the set up for another robbery has begun as she signals her accomplices outside the diner. With HP monitoring their group of signs as Garvey calls in bogus signage, Dan and Williams are on the way to the bogus signage locale as are the woman and motorist. HP arrives, brother shoots at HP, husband leaves in the criminal car, HP shoots brother, wife is cuffed, victim returned wallet by Dan, Williams ascertains roadblock gets husband's car, ambulance is called.