Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 38


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Episode Recap

Arsonist starts fire at warehouse, flees, afterward fire investigator provides HP with list of suspects and Dan and Williams research leads provided. Suspect likely identified, mother of arsonist interviewed, provides picture, and gas station employee tells HP suspect went with farmer to his place. Suspect gets a job from local farmer providing a lift, as farmer shows him the area, he excuses himself to run an errand, while the suspect begins arson fire preparation in barn. Farmer finishes errand, comes upon suspect ready to start barn fire, they fight, farmer gets knocked out, arsonist lights starter torch of newspaper. Williams comes by barn, noticing farmer on ground and firebug ready to drop torch. Williams small talks his way with arsonist while Dan circles around barn. Dan enters, knocks torch from suspect, the blaze is started, Dan cuffs suspect, escorting him out of barn, while Williams drags farmer from barn, reviving him. Both HP men re-enter barn to extinguish fire then walk arsonist to squad car.