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Highway Patrol Now Available on MGM DVD-R From Amazon.com

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    In August, Amazon.com added the ability to buy made to order DVD-R's of the first season of Highway Patrol from MGM. This is a new system that studios are trying out making shows available on DVD-R instead of pressing large amounts of DVDs that may not sell. They are created in batches, so there may be a wait involved. And the drawback is they are copy protected and can only be played back on DVD players only, either set top or computer players. They will not play on DVD recorders or computers with recording capability.
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    This is a great thing, seeing how studios are no longer restricted to only caring about the mainstream audiences, but also have ways to profitable market their lesser-known titles and back catalogues. It's better to have a DVD-R copy than no official release at all!

    As an owner of a burn-on-demand DVD-R sold through Amazon, I can report that there is no copy protection on the disc—at least not on the one I have, or not a noticeable one. DVD plays fine in all of my players—a set-top DVD player, the DVD writers in all of my 3 PCs, and even my PS3. I was also able to rip episodes to my home media server without problems. Hope this is the case for all DVD-Rs sold through Amazon, because punishing those who choose an official release over a bootleg would be a very stupid and evil move.

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    The independent channel THIS TV is showing Highway Patrol episodes and have been for months. I am really enjoying them.
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