Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 21

Framed Cop

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Episode Recap

Revengeful of his brother's and his own incarceration, ex-con sets out to frame Sgt. Williams, posing as a HP, using Ken's personal car, killing a pedestrian via hit and run, having girlfriend pose as a friend of Ken's aunt, delaying his arrival at work while the pedestrian was stuck dead at a bus stop. Ken is kept by the redhead accomplice in his apartment, he arrives late to work where he learns of the accident via his personal car. A witness identifies the driver of the car wearing an HP uniform, while Dan takes Ken's badge, he travels with Dan to catch the guilty party. Anytime Ken was away from his car long enough for a key to be made brings he and Dan to a key maker identifying the guy and especially the redhead girlfriend waiting in the car. The key maker recognizes the guy's brother from the mug book and Dan remembers a brother guilty while Williams recalls the trial. They now know who they are looking for and the teletype confirms the criminal is in town, rented a car, and the train is the only way out of town to escape. The inevitable confrontation occurs at the train station, Officer Garvey returns fire, shooting the ex-con dead as the girlfriend is cuffed, facing hit and run charges.