Highway Patrol

Season 2 Episode 37

Hired Killer

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    • Goof: One of the men to be killed is standing at arm's length from the assassin (who has not yet drawn his gun) holding a potato rake with the prongs pointed at the killer when he learns that he is about to be killed. Yet, he walks several steps away and then tries to take a full swing with the rake at the killer, who draws his pistol and shoots the victim. The man could have easily jabbed the assassin in the neck or face with the tines of the rake and in real life would have. But the director has him walk away instead.

    • Despite the fact that facial hair was relatively uncommon when this episode was filmed, none of the people asked by Mathews for a description of the killer mentioned that he had a mustache! This information would have been helpful to Mathews when he boards a bus that the killer is on and finds two men matching the description he has been given (but one is clean-shaven).

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