Highway Patrol

Season 1 Episode 20

Hit And Run

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 1956 on

Episode Recap

Helen Barton has just had a terrible fight with her husband and is behind the wheel of her car, driving distraught. In the emotional state she is in, Helen doesn't see a pedestrian and accidently hits them.

In her panic, she drives to the home of her mother, who comes up with a plan to protect her daughter. She calls the police and confesses to the crime of leaving the scene of the accident.

Only the evidence counters the story, causing Mathews to begin an investigation into finding the real driver. He starts by questioning the family.

Helen is so concerned with the victim, she returns to the accident scene, only to be told that the person she hit has died. She is so distraught that she plans to jump off of a nearby bridge and end her life. Mathews, the normally tough cop, must now do what he can to persuade the young woman not to kill herself.