Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 27


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Episode Recap

Disguised hitchhiker struggles with motorist, kills him, takes his wallet, leaves scene to join up with wife waiting in car nearby. Dan and Sgt. Williams hear about hitchhiker's robberies as Officer Garvey finds shot victim; Dan and Williams meet Garvey at scene of victim's car, the lab turns evidence the facial hair was man-made, with make-up, indicating the use of disguises. An accomplice is also assumed as the territory covered by the hitchhiker is too vast for one person. Perpetrators follow large car from diner, stop car, drive victim's car to remote area, rob him, while Dan stops an outstate car with wife signaling husband, gun pointed at victim. Wife cuffs Dan to his car as husband, victim and wife drive off in their car all while being chased by HP; roadblocks form nearby. Perpetrators run into roadblock, abandon car, shooting starts with Garvey and Ken returning fire. Ken shoots hitchhiker, removes Dan's handcuffs, cuffs wounded hitchhiker, Garvey cuffs wife, and Dan offers victim a ride to his car.