Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 29

Killer On The Run

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Episode Recap

Criminal murders partner in motel, same guy murders another man at park bench, and escapes hitching a ride with unsuspecting women while being pursued by another man. Dan Mathews and Williams follow leads chasing the two ladies' car, murderer talks lady driver into doing the driving, when he takes wrong way to their destination followed by the other man close behind. He stops to make a phone call, the man following catches up, shoots him while the lady driver gets out to make a phone call. She hears the shot fired, sees the murderer fall to the ground, takes off followed by the other man. Dan stops at the same phone booth, identifies man wounded, who tells Dan the other man is chasing the ladies. Ambulance called while Williams stays with murderer, Dan pursues ladies' car, while other man catches up with ladies, grabs the briefcase from the ladies' car. Dan orders man to give up, lady tosses car keys out, Dan makes man surrender, HP cuffs man and Dan leads ladies back to their car.