Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 7

Portrait Of Death

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Episode Recap

Sgt. Williams finds notepad sketch and dead body, Dan views the body, ambulance is called, hitman calls Blanche, confirms death as Blanche awaits notice in papers. Dan questions Wynn at artist apartment, saves check as evidence of sold paintings. Dan calls Blanche telling her husband was murdered, asks her to come down for questioning. Williams tells Dan of life insurance policy, Dan says reason for murder and Grainger is identified from sketch, and Blanche is told of sketch of possible murderer. Blanche is suspected-no mention of sketch in newspaper, is tailed. HP Officer stops Grainger for speeding, gets slugged, murderer leaves scene. Dan and Williams go to Blanche Cronin apartment, and see Granger go toward the back. Granger demands more money from Blanche, she pulls a gun, they struggle, Dan and Williams enter guns drawn, Granger shields himself with Blanche, she knocks his gun loose, Williams shoots Granger, as they are all cuffed.