Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 30

Prisoner Exchange Copter

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Episode Recap

Prized criminal Avery stopped speeding, arrested, phones an accomplice who threatens the sheriff via his wife at gunpoint. Accomplice abducts sheriff's wife, drives to remote spot; sheriff calls Mathews explains situation, while accomplice calls sheriff, sheriff releases Avery, Dan consoles sheriff while he calls for copter. Copter pilot instructed to fly high, unnoticed, follows Avery's car, who finds accomplice, they follow one another into a cave to hide. Dan and Williams look for the cars, spot cave, plan to blow dirt into cave to draw out everyone. Pilot hovers copter in front of cave while Dan and Williams move in with guns drawn. Gun fire ensues, accomplice shot in cave, wife is rescued by Dan, Williams in copter chases Avery on foot, Williams jumps from copter, cuffs Avery and lead away.