Highway Patrol

(ended 1959)





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  • Highway Patrol was one of the first series in television hisotry to feature live chase scenes on the open highway, frequently involving trains and helicopters.

    I recollect watching this series during its initial run as an adolescent in the late 1950s and then in syndication throughout the 1960s when it was a very popular staple of Los Angeles television. My siblings and friends watching the show after school always liked the helicopter scenes the best. Whenever our parents would take us on a road excursion to the desert or mountains of Southern California us children were always on the look out for highway patrol cars hoping to see Chief Dan Mathews in one of them.

    Every episode would conclude with Broderick Crawford, out of character, giving a driving safety tip then the following dedication before the closing credits: "This program is dedicated to the Highway Patrols throughout the nation and their contribution to the safeguarding of public welfare. We are deeply grateful for the technical advice and assistance which made the authentic product of the program possible."